Healthy Kids


We consider that children should have a balanced nutrition on a daily basis. KiddieLand has a close relationship with local farmers who weekly provide a variety of fresh produce, meats and dairy. We offer morning and afternoon snacks and a homemade meal at lunch. Our cook makes sure that the meals are healthy and nutritious, using locally sourced and BIO products. Along with many activities that promote diversity, our cook works with the teachers and is assigned to provide foods for various multicultural dishes. The children make and taste international foods that make them understand better the world’s diversity.

Physical Activities

We encourage our little students to move as much as possible. We possess almost 90 sqm indoor playground, that offers many ways to play and develop the gross motor skills. In addition to this, we go out on a daily basis, for walks near the Limmat river, parks or playing on the neighborhood’s playgrounds.

The closest and the biggest one is The Adventure playground