The Sarkadi Family

KiddieLand is THE ONE! We’ve seen a lot of daycares and our son has even been in a different daycare for almost a year, but I can honestly say we’ve never seen a daycare, which even gets close to KiddieLand. I absolutely love this place and recommend it sincerely to ... Read More

Andrew Gibbons

“KiddieLand is a modern, vibrant place for young learners. The staff are caring, innovative and tireless. Andrew Gibbons

Dayene C.

“We are very happy parents with KiddieLand. All people are very lovely and dedicated to our daughter. They have a very good and brand new space, with an outstanding playground, creating the perfect atmosphere to the children. Additionally, it is very easy to access by tram or by car.” Dayene ... Read More

Ana P.

“In terms of how we feel about KiddieLand – what we can say right now is that after a bad experience with a previous Kita, we have regained the trust in child care thanks to KiddieLand. Not only Gaël is happy, we also feel part of an extended family where ... Read More

Rachel G.

“KiddieLand really is an amazing place. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring. My son has been so well taken care of, he immediately was comfortable and happy at KiddieLand. Rachel G.